It's Happening!


Someone needs to bust out that gif of Ron Paul, because that's what I feel like when I see this story.

Sunday Morning Coming Down


Poor video quality, excellent performance by songwriter and man who popularized this lonely song. Roll Tide, errbody. May the Fourth be with you....

Jamis Winston Crab Legs for sale


Alabama grocery store sells "Jamis Winston King Crab Legs"

Big Man, Big News for Bama Basketball


Garrett becomes the fourth signee in a recruiting class that was already ranked as high as No. 21 in the nation. He joins Justin Coleman (Birmingham, Ala./Wenonah HS), Devin Mitchell (Suwanee, Ga./Collins Hills HS) and Riley Norris (Albertville, Ala./Albertville HS) as the newest members of the squad.

Jacob Coker Prepares for 'Bama


"He flicks his wrist, delivering a perfect spiral to David Kelly, a shifty receiver from nearby South Alabama. The ball cuts through the wind and rain like a sail, crashing into Kelly's hands as a crack of thunder echoes in the distance. "He's not pretty good," Kelly says. "He's good. You can tell the difference." The difference, Alabama hopes, will bridge the gap from McCarron and provide another national championship. The difference, Coker hopes, is far less ostentatious: let it be enough to win him the job in the first place. He'll take it from there."

From ESPN Oh my. This article was so good it deserved its own fanshot (yes, these still exist). Anyways, as others have already pointed out in today's JP, if this article isn't just fluff, we are all in for a treat come August. Sims seems to have the starting job locked down for Spring but it really seems like Coker is the heir apparent.

Bag Men and Bought Men


I witnessed cash handed to an active SEC football player -- it's just cash changing hands. When things are done correctly, there's no proof more substantial than one man's word over another. This piece isn't going to blow up any school, from a rules violation perspective, as no player names, bag man names, or school names are involved, but the piece does serve as a great peek behind the curtain for those that wonder about the purity of the sport.

Meet the Bag Man: How to buy college football players, in the words of a man who delivers the money -

We knew about Derrick Henry, but this is the first time we saw it.


Watching this run still makes me want to get up and yell. Simple cutback, and sure, there were some bad angles taken, but by gawd this youngin has It.

Have you seen this?


Lost Letterman says "We know that Houndstooth is the unofficial pattern for the University of Alabama, so why not come out with a helmet to honor the late, great Bear Bryant? With the massive script “A” on the side, this helmet is perfection." Read more at

Tradition - Gymnastics Edition


Cool video they've started playing before the meets is finally online.

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