Reading Room

RBR Reading Room: Crimson Slide


Roll Bama Roll Reading Room looks at "Crimson Slide," Mike Flax's book on Alabama's decade-long slide into mediocrity that began in the mid-1990s.

RBR Reading Room: The Missing Ring


RBR Reading Room looks at Keith Dunnavant's book on Alabama's thwarted 1966 National Championship.

The RBR Reading Room: A Double Shot of Namath Edition


Ok gang, I'm up on this one, and I'll give you fair warning: I'm not all that great with book reviews. It's usually either "yeah, it was good, you'd like it" or "eh, I mean, if you want to read...



Roll Bama Roll reviews the soccer film, "The Damned United."

RBR Reading Room: Fumble


RBR Reading Room welcomes Dawg Sports' T. Kyle King to review the definitive tome on the Bear Bryant/Wally Butts/Saturday Evening Post lawsuit, "Fumble."

RBR Reading Room: Alabama Football, Stallings to Saban


RBR Reading Room: Alabama Football, From Stallings to Saban. Donald Staffo's follow up to his book on the post Bryant-era at The Capstone.

The Return of the RBR Reading Room


The Roll Bama Roll Reading Room returns for its second year.

RBR at the Movies: Kicking It


RBR reviews sports films. "Kicking It" is a 2008 documentary about the Homeless World Cup and its hope of bettering the lives of players and bringing attention to homelessness issues across the world.

RBR at the Movies: Harvard Beats Yale 29-29


"RBR at the Movies" is a new feature I've cooked up to help get us through the offseason and/or bye weeks/slow news days, etc. I know we have the biggest game for our program in nearly two decades...

RBR Reading Room: Bear


RBR Reading Room: Bear; The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant

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