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Tennessee Titans Sue Kiffin, USC


Looks like Fisher and the Titans are more than a little irked over Kiffin's lack of decorum in hiring away Kennedy Pola days before training camp was due to start.

Nu'Keese Richardson tries to rebuild his college football career


A big ol feature piece on one of the jewels of Kiffykin's vaunted 2009 draft class. Best of luck for him but there a couple of interesting tidbits in the story. 1) Richardson admitted he smoking marijuana and drinking while in Knoxville and 2) he describes the structure and discipline at Division I-AA Hampton College as greater than at Tennessee. So good luck with all that USC. HT Dr. Saturday

Hate Kiffin, Help Haiti


One quick thinking Knoxville apparel store owner is offering to take people's Kiffin-related apparel and send it to Haiti as part of the relief effort in the wake of the massive earthquake that stuck the island nation yesterday.

Lane Kiffin Headed to USC


ESPN's National College Football Reporter, Joe Schad, has just reported via Twitter that Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin has been hired to fill the USC head spot vacated by Pete Carroll. (Chris Low has now confirmed it as well). Kiffen has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter this week and Knoxville media has downplayed the possibility. Still, this has been the hot rumor today with other PAC 10 media folks citing "credible sources" on the matter. ::UPDATE:: It's official.

Lane Kiffin: NCAA Investigation A Compliment


"I think when it comes to recruiting, we're at the highest level, and I think that people really want to know what we're doing," Kiffin said after practice Saturday. "They want to know how are we able to get interest from so many great players, and sign so many great players, so I think you have a lot of people coming at us."

Dr. Leroy Collins Speaks: Western Kentucky


The Third Saturday in Blogtober features a guest column by a guy who hates Lane Kiffin the way Bama fans hate Phil Fulmer.

Raider Nation Bemused Over the Kiffin Saga


Over at SB Nation blog Silver & Black Pride posted an interesting overview of the Ballad of Mr. Kiffykins last week that is almost as fun to read as the ensuing comments. If the past few years of Lane's career path are any measure of the future, we are going to have tons of interesting stuff to behold out of Knoxville over the next few seasons.

Lane Kiffin vs the Waffle House


The Third Saturday in Blogtober comes up with the most hysterical take on the reign of Kiffykins the First penned to date. (For the love of all that is Holy, please let this be the first installment)

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