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RBR Tailgating | Mac 'n Cheese

Roll Bama Roll's recipe for game day mac 'n cheese.

RBR Tailgating | Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya

Let it never be said I am not sensitive to the requests of the commentariat and from time to time actually remember things that were said. So by popular demand, I give you jambalaya. This was my...

RBR Tailgating | Pot Roast Sandwiches

This week's edition comes early cause I had stuff to do last night and no time to write a couple thousand words on the TEs and receivers (spoiler alert for tomorrow!). And since I also didn't have...

RBR Tailgating | Fried Pickle Spears

Roll Bama Roll fries up some pickles for the tailgate.

RBR Tailgating | Armadillo Eggs


This recipe is one I found awhile back and have been wanting to try, so since there's no time like the present I give you "Armadillo Eggs."  They turned out pretty tasty, but a couple of notes: -...

RBR Tailgating | Easy Mixed Berry Cobbler


We're going dessert again this week with a ridiculously easy cobbler, which is good because I don't like to bake.  I went with mixed berries on this attempt (blackberry, blueberry, and...

RBR Tailgating | Breakfast Casserole


Since last week's poll posed the question of "day or night games," I thought I'd do some good brunch fare since I'm a weirdo and actually prefer early games (seriously, if we kicked off every game...

RBR Tailgating | Guidos in a Blanket


Sticking with the hipster filter, 'cause I can. So this one is ridiculously easy, and completely ripped off from here.  It's basically a fancy "pigs in a blanket," but instead of using breakfast...

RBR Tailgating | Stuffed Peppers


Since y'all hate my phone's camera, I'll just hipster it up a little. Ok folks, this week we're doing stuff bell peppers.  They're pretty easy and forgiving, and you can do most of the prep work...

RBR Tailgating | No Bake Peanut Butter Pie


Yes, the picture sucks. Deal with it. #byehaters. So here's another pretty easy offering, and the first (and probably only) dessert you'll ever see me putting on here since a) I'm not really a...

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