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Sam Cunningham - The Personification of BOLD

USC has had many outstanding players throughout the years. We have been blessed to have had so many great players represent the program both during and after their time at USC. We all have our...

Big Ten Countdown: 8 - Nebraska's George Flippin And A History of Black Football Players in the Big Ten


There were many black football players in the early days of college football, particularly in the Big Ten. Their history was marked by abuse and incidents of racism. Can you imagine such things...

RBR Reading Room: Turning of the Tide


The RBR Reading Room reviews "Turning of the Tide" Don Yeager's story of the 1970 Alabama v USC game and how running back Sam Cunningham help integrate southern football.

For years, the Big Ten's comeback to the perceived dominance of Southern Cal and the SEC on Jan. 1...


For years, the Big Ten's comeback to the perceived dominance of Southern Cal and the SEC on Jan. 1 (in the latter case, it is only a perception: the Big Ten and SEC have split their annual dates in the Citrus/Capital One and Outback Bowls, 10-10, over the last decade) has been "Why don't you come play in the cold for a change?" Well, why don't they? SEC teams have traveled west for non-conference games in the Pac-10, but except for Kentucky's long-running "rivalry" with Indiana, have rearely ventured north of the Mason-Dixon line for any game – certainly not a bowl game, because they haven't existed – in a generation. Any conference with such obviously expanding ambitions should try its hand in unfamiliar territory.

Dr. Saturday remains the blogosphere's most universally-respected figure, and deservedly so, but he's whiffed at a few pitches lately. First, he wrote and published the ten-word sentence---"If life isn't fair, fix it so that it is"---that so perfectly summed up the wrongheaded formulation that has produced much political madness that it sent a shudder through my soul. He followed that up by authoring the passage quoted above, which missed the mark badly. Let's be clear here: Big Ten teams won't travel to play SEC teams, not the other way around, and they have a lot of nerve whining about our refusal to play football in the snow when they're the ones who refuse to let us play baseball until it's warm enough for them. Vanderbilt played Michigan in Ann Arbor, but didn't get a return game. If you think that's fair, check the Commodores' and the Wolverines' records the last two years and tell me what entitles the Maize and Blue to be so full of themselves. (Vanderbilt is an AAU member and everything!) Those of us in Athens are still waiting on our return game from traveling to the Big House in 1965, and we've made every effort to meet the Michiganders halfway. To repeat, Dr. Saturday still does good work---his points on the 2010 Hall of Fame induction class are well taken; incidentally, I voted for Sam Cunningham and Pat Tillman---but, upon the point raised in the above-quoted passage, Matt Hinton needs to fight the real enemy. Go 'Dawgs!

How I Intend to Vote for the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame Induction Class: My Draft Ballot


As a member of the National Football Foundation, T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports gets to vote on the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame induction class. Here are the eleven Division I-A players and the...

USC Week: A Brief History of USC Football


We could analyze the Wake Forest game, but I'm not going to do that. All that matters is we went on the road and came out with a tough victory. USC's 1888 Team It's USC week, and in order...

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