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Missouri All-Time vs. the SEC


This link is a pdf. Scan to page 54. Alabama: 2-1 UM wins 1968 Gator Bowl, 1975 regular season (Bham); UA wins 1978 regular season (Columbia) Arkansas: 3-2 UM wins 2008 Cotton Bowl ('07 season) Auburn: 1-0 UM wins 1973 Sun Bowl 34-17 Florida: 1-0 UM wins 1966 Sugar Bowl ('65 season) Georgia: 0-1 UGA wins 1960 Orange Bowl ('59 season) Kentucky: 1-2 last game 1968 UK wins LSU: 1-0 UM wins 1978 Liberty Bowl Miss State: 2-0 UM wins 1981, 1984 regular season Ole Miss: 5-1 Home-and-home wins 2006-07; the rest were in the 70s South Carolina: 2-0 UM wins 2005 Independence Bowl, 1979 Hall of Fame Bowl Tennessee: 0-0 never met Texas A&M: 7-5 UM wins 5 of last 6 Vanderbilt: 2-1-1 last game 1958 Vandy wins; first meeting 1895 Mizz 16-0

Alabama/Florida Tops Wisconsin/Nebraska in TV Ratings


CBS College Football 8-11p (Ala v. Fla.) 2.7 ABC College Football 8-11p (Neb v. Wisc) 1.8

The SEC's Strength & Conditioning Coaches


You know we love us some Scott Cochran, his monstrous Fourth Quarter program and that awesome anti-flu ad. But Alabama is hardly alone among its conference peers in having a quality guy filling the Head Strength Coach position. In fact, retaining a good S&C coach has become a necessity in today's SEC. So, with that in mind, you might want to pop over to this handy piece by ESPN's Chris Low which provides us with a tidy rundown of each team's motivational master.

SEC 2010 NFL Draft Report Card


A little something I whipped up for Team Speed Kills while putting together my info on the draft for RBR. Florida is still the Alpha Dog when it comes to putting players in the pros but Alabama is close behind. Also, the SEC rules

Alabama's 2009 Schedule


Here's a blog post with a quick overview of Alabama's 2009 schedule.

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