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Marc Guillon Quits Team Due to "Lack of Playing Time"

Headline says it all. Also, he's already off the roster.

Marc Guillon, we hardly knew ye...but what we did know of ye we didn't like...

Update [2006-10-13 13:6:8 by Todd]: Ever the class act, Guillon has sent out e-mails to various news organizations around the state explaining his departure:

"I thought long and very hard about the circumstances of the situation which put me at a breaking point," the e-mail said. "This crossroad forced me to make a tough decision in the interest of self-preservation based on numerous false impressions the coaches gave me."

He doesn't bother to elaborate on the false impressions or what he plans to do to self-preserve, but either way it strikes me as one last petty stab at the coaches.