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Friday AM Links and Such

EDSBS shamefully chooses UT in its Factor Six preview.

I went 4-2 again with my SEC picks last weekend on the failures of both Florida and Georgia.  This week's selections (my picks in bold):

Alabama at Tennessee

Ole Miss at Arkansas

Mississippi State at Georgia

Auburn vs Tulane

LSU vs Fresno State

If you can stomach visiting a UT blog, Rocky Top Talk has a Q&A with Warren St. John.

The SEC wants Auburn to stop playing loud music between plays, and I kind of agree with them. Not because it's Auburn, but because one of the things that makes me like college ball better than the pros is the lack of piped in music during the game and the reliance on the school's band and it's own fight/cheer songs to pump up the crowd and players.  While their choices of songs like "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Eye of the Tiger" are appropriate for the setting (if a bit on the nose), any of the 1,285,343 other teams calling themselves "Tigers" could do the same.  I know I wouldn't get nearly as excited about Bama football if I heard some classic rock song blaring over the PA during the game versus hearing "Yea Alabama."  That's our song, we're the only ones that play it, and that's why it's special and not "Crazy Train."