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The Monday After: Special Knee Jerk Reactionary Edition

Fanblogs reports that John Bunting is being released from his duties at UNC after a miserable failure of a coaching tenure, and their list of possible candidates got me to thinking about who I would like for Bama to hire if the rest of the season goes about as well as everyone is expecting and Shula gets the axe.  While Shula's run hasn't been nearly as terrible as Bunting's, the expectations of the head coach at Alabama are far greater and losses to LSU and Auburn down the stretch could very well spell the end for Shula.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, though, I don't think Shula should be fired and I don't want to see that happen.  I would like to see O-Line Coach Bob Connelly and Rader in the unemployment line tomorrow, but I think Shula is an excellent recruiter and the kind of coach that could be successful in the long run with the right people around him.

Anyway, looking at the list, I agree with Fanblogs that Kragthorpe would be the best man for the job:

Kragthorpe has had frustratingly little to work with at Tulsa, but his teams are well-prepared and competitive, even when they go up against significantly bigger programs (see Tulsa-OU as a perfect example.) Of the two Kragthorpe would seem to have the biggest upside, which should put him high on UNC's radar.

So that's my choice.  Who would you guys like to see on the sidelines next fall if a change gets made?