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Friday Night Stuff

Sorry for the no posting today, but work was quite hectic and I wasn't in my office long enough to even turn my computer on.

SEC Picks

I went 4-1 last weekend (we all know the "1"), while somehow forgetting about the SC/Vandy game.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I'd probably have gone with SC, but who knows?  This week's picks in bold:

Alabama vs FIU:  If this isn't a bloodletting by the second quarter I don't even know what to think.

Arkansas vs Louisiana-Monroe:  The Hogs continue to be teh hotness in the SEC.

Auburn at Ole Miss:  What can I say?

Florida vs Georgia:  They own UGA...

Mississippi State vs Kentucky:  I'm going with the home team, but I know I'll regret it later.

Tennessee at South Carolina:  I'd love to see Spurrier continue to be the thorn in Fulmer's gigantic side, but not this year.

Vandy at Duke:  Both gave us fits, but I'm an SEC homer first and foremost.

And now, some links:

We're #1!  We're #1!.  

Fulmer proves that he hates America by driving a Lexus.

FIU is ready to "shock the world" and get on ESPN for a "good reason" this weekend.  Hopefully Bama is ready to do the same.

Screw Wisconsin, I should have gone to Michigan.  No, wait, I meant Northwestern.


Corn Nation points out the obvious...Miami players shouldn't be mentoring youths.

I've been vocal about keeping Shula but shaking up the offensive staff at Alabama, but I'm totally with these guys on sacking Watson Brown and the entire staff at UAB.  If you think it's frustrating watching Bama come close to beating teams no one thought we had chance to hang with, wait 'til you watch your other team LOSE TO FUCKING RICE, AND THEN TURN AROUND AND BE THE ONLY D1-A WIN FOR MARSHALL.  I hate him so much...

Is one of the Olsens homeless now?