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Mid-Major Rooting Interests

In talking with various college football fans, I've found that nearly everyone has a team that they like watching and pull for without having any real reason to do so.  There are a lot of people who have smaller teams that they pull for as well as their primary team because they have some sort of connection to it (for example, Nico and I both grew up in Birmingham and attended UAB, so we are both Blazer fans after being Bama fans), but I'm interested in hearing about who you pull for just because.  Leave a comment, and if you have a reason, no matter how weird or silly ('cause you like their uniforms is acceptable, though maybe a little fruity), let us know about it, too.  

Personally, I'm going with Navy because I had a dynasty with them in NCAA 2006 and had a lot of fun running that crazy flexbone offense of theirs.

How many offenses let your running back, fullback, and quarterback all have over 1000 yards rushing on the year?

I also think it would be fun to have a "Roll Bama Roll Pet Mid-Major" contest where you guys get to vote and select a mid-major (or even D1-AA) team that we can pull for/keep up with over the rest of the season, so if that happens and you want your team considered make sure to leave a note in the comments section on why.