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Monday Morning Thoughts

Most people wouldn't bitch about a 38-3 blow out of the homecoming cupcake, but this is a Bama blog, and apparently that's all we do.

  • 3 of 13 on 3rd down.  That's just pathetic.  We couldn't even move the ball against a Sun Belt defense missing a bunch of starters.  It's a good thing defense and special teams finally stepped up or this would have been another Duke fiasco.  Something tells me that LSU and Auburn aren't going to let us start in the red zone, so hopefully Shula and Co. won't be hanging their hats on this one.  
  • Our beyond awful O-Line couldn't manage to blow their D-Line off the ball to convert a 4th and 1 on the goal line?  Pathetic.
  • And speaking of the beyond awful O-Line, maybe you guys can help me with something.  I listened to the game on the radio and missed the replay on CSS yesterday so I have no visual evidence to back this up, but were they in the backfield as much as it sounded like?  Are we so bad at blocking that FIU was getting effective pressure on JP and Barnes?
  • Dear Les Miles and Tuby,
Blitz the hell out of JP.  You'll totally win, and maybe kill him.

Your Friend,

  • Why is Rader talking like the "Jimmy Johns Package" has been an option all along?  I remember them lining up with Johns at QB and JP at wideout (during the UT game maybe?) once, but someone on the O-Line jumped and they changed the play after the penalty.  Other than that I don't really recall it other than running him out of the shotgun against Ole Miss (when he turned his ankle).  If this is something they've been cooking up all season then why the crap haven't they been using it when all the other plays/schemes/packages have been failing so miserably?  If I didn't have so much faith in JP becoming a star (if only we had an OC and playcaller that would let him) I'd almost be calling for him to be benched and Johns to be locked in a film room with game tape of last year's Texas team and see if we couldn't get ourselves a Vince Young ready.

That's all the bitching I have right now.  Work looks to be hectic today, so I'll update a few things tonight, including an all new "Things I am Sick of Hearing From Auburn Fans/EVERYONE."