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Halloween AM Links and Such

The injury bug appears to have migrated west from T Town.

In case you were wondering what DuBose thinks about the current state of affairs at the Capstone...

Looks like JP will play on Saturday.  Hopefully he'll get to take a breather after the 1st half again, but something tells me he won't.

The M Zone is getting into the Halloween spirit and giving us a preview of what different coaches will be wearing tonight.  Looks like Shula wasn't invited to the party, but if you had his wife at home and the cash to buy all the saucy french maid and naughty nurse costumes in the state like he does, would you be mad?

Dawg Sports has chosen tonight's match up between the UAB Blazers and SMU as a national game of interest. Two thoughts: 1) Apparently the loss to Florida has driven the UGA fanbase insane, and 2) hopefully Watson will go dressed up as a coach that knows what the crap he's doing.

The mask is so life like...