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Around the SEC: Todd's Picks

My picks in bold.

Alabama vs Duke:  No brainer here.

Auburn vs Arkansas: After getting embarassed on a Thursday night, Tuberville will run up a score on the Hogs to try to get some "style points" with the pollsters.

Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt: Toss up, but I have no faith in the Rebels these days.

Mississippi State vs West Virginia: Does the scoreboard in Starkville go to triple digits?

South Carolina at Kentucky: I hate picking the Wildcats, but that offense has put up some numbers.  SC had a good showing against Auburn, but I think UK wins in a shootout.

Tennessee at Georgia: Hard pick since both have seemed lackluster to me so far.  UGA has some problems that Richt has been able to disguise with superior coaching but, as much as I hate picking the Vols to do anything but suffer, I think it catches up with them this week.  I hope I'm wrong.

LSU at Florida: Another toss up, so I'm going with the home team.

Also, it looks like Nico hasn't updated the Pick 'em Game this week, but check it throughout the day in case he does.