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BlogPoll Roundtable (After Week 5)

I haven't cast a BlogPoll ballot the last two weeks due to limited internet access and the continuing saga of my family emergency. I will chime in on this week's Roundtable though (brought to us by Iowa State blog CrossCyed):

1. We're about halfway through the season at this point. Have you gotten a gauge on your team's chances this year to make noise in conference play, or is the team still a total freaking mystery?

We have no real chance to make a splash in conference play. At this point, the best we can hope to do is to spoil Auburn's season.

2. Many of the bigger conferences such as the Big 12 and the Big 10 use a rotating schedule to determine conference games each year. What are your feelings on the current system used in your conference? Does a rotating schedule work? Has your team always caught a break?

The SEC scheduling scheme works like this:

  • You play your five divisional opponents every year
  • You have one permanent opponent in the other division
  • The remainder of your conference schedule is made up of the other five teams rotating on and off of your schedule. Among those two spots, there's always a new team every year. You play the rotating opponents two years in a row, but you're never going to play the same two rotating opponents two years in a row.

The SEC is such a biyatch that it doesn't matter how you slice it, you're going to have some really tough games. Florida this year got it the worst I've ever seen though. They have to play Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and Alabama. Brutal.

3. In an effort to get to know more about college football, both nationally and regionally, what have you done to expand your college football horizons? Have you caught yourself watching games from other conferences, or taking an interest in games that show up on ESPNU or Fox Sports?

I've watched games on TV that I wouldn't have watched a few years ago...especially the weeknight games. Also, I'm trying to get out and go see other teams play in person if it's convenient even if I don't have a dog in the fight. I went to see Mississippi State vs. South Carolina this year and last year went to home games of UCF and USF when I was living in Florida.

4. What would you change about the current exposure your team gets, either on the radio, television, print, or on the internet?

I know some people are always going to "have it in" for teams that have traditionally been successful and I'm fine with that, but I find it irritating that some people are still bashing Alabama in the year 2006 for integrating so late. I just don't think that sad fact should be held over the heads of today's team and fans.

5. During last Saturday's game against I-AA Northern Iowa, Iowa State trailed 21-7 at the half. The Cyclone Marching Band played a variety of songs from animated shows, including selections from South Park titled "Blame Canada" and "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" Needless to say, the Cyclones outscored the Panthers 21-6 in the second half. If you had to pick one song for your favorite team to rally to, what would it be? Because we all know what they did for the 2005 White Sox, Journey and "Don't Stop Believing" are not to be considered.

Hmmmm....I can tell you this much. I hate the fact that our band plays Green Day's "Basket Case" between the third and fourth quarters. HATE. IT. Hate. It is appropriate though as that's what I typically feel like seeing our team trying to burn up 15 minutes of clock with a three point lead instead of trying to score more points.

That doesn't really answer the question though. I think going with something like "Firestarter" by Prodigy or something absurd like the chorus of M.I.A.'s "10 Dollar" because that would sound ridiculously funny out of a marching band.