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Weekend Recap

So Saturday was an interesting day for college football.  Auburn feels our pain, Florida makes it's case for "unstoppable beast of the SEC bent on ruin and destruction for all those who dare stand in it's way" award, Wake convinces everyone they are for real for three quarters before giving up 24 points to Clemson in the 4th, Ole Miss actually wins, Missouri wins AGAIN, Penn State steals one at Minnesota, prospective pet mid-major Navy beats Air Force to reach 5-1, the Dan Hawkins humility tour rolls on for one more week (seriously, Baylor?), UAB extends it's winning streak over Memphis to 7 in the inaugural Battle of the Bones, and our own beloved Crimson Tide sweats out a victory against the lowly Duke Blue Devils.

Is it wrong of me to want to see him cry?

Observations, snotty comments, and amusing anecdotes:

- Saturday night found me at Legion Field since, after the Hawaii PPV fiasco, I had decided I wouldn't waste my time with Charter and go see the Blazers instead, content to watch what I assumed would be a bloodletting on the CSS replay Sunday afternoon.  The game itself was a frustrating clinic in both offensive and defensive ineptitude, but was made worthwhile by the half time show.  The Memphis band took the field and played a farely staid selection, and then gave way to the Marching Blazers who preceded to fire up the crowd with a stirring rendition of Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like a Woman" before launching into Beyonce's "Crazy In Love," complete with the WHITE drum major rapping over the "uh oh uh oh uh oh" breakdown portion, much to the delight and/or chagrin of the fans in attendance.  I'm not entirely sure what he was rapping about since the PA at Legion Field isn't what it used to be (Bread Chick, can we please get some assistance?), but there's really nothing like seeing a bunch of skinny white girls shaking it like the dancers in the "Disco Inferno" video.

Do your thing like it ain't nothing to it...

  • I've decided to curse Florida to an 8-4 regular season finish by officially choosing them as my pick to win the SEC.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • I knew Auburn was going to drop a few by the end of the season and finish somewhere around 9-4, but if you had told me Arkansas would be one of the four I'd have punched you right in the face and called you a fancy lad for saying something so stupid.  But then again, I'd have done the same if you'd told me they would beat Bama, so what do I know?

I know it's not wrong to want to see him cry.
  • I went a dreadful 4-3 in my SEC picks, but was unfortunately correct about UT/UGA.  Still, Mark Richt could be the best coach in the SEC for getting this far on will alone.
  • As for Bama: 1)When did we stop tackling? 2) As much as everyone wants to see Rader gone, I'm more interested in seeing O-Line coach Bob Connelly in the unemployment line.  Seriously.  Duke.  Constant pressure on JP.  What more can I say?  3) The "hostile enviroment" excuse is N/A this week, so what's with all the penalties?