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Some Wednesday Morning "I Heart Jimmy Johns"

Johns is ripping on Sly Croom this week, and I don't blame him.  I lost some respect for Croom after all his "Alabama doesn't play with the class we did" sour grapes comments last year, and it looks like Johns isn't too pleased with his behavior either.  Johns was recruited heavily by State and was apparently considered a silent verbal before visiting Alabama and choosing to play for the Tide.

Late last season, Johns went through the Croom saga with reporters, insisting he had made the right decision and pointing to the Tide' 9-0 start. He reconfirmed that on Tuesday.

"We went 10-2 last year, went to the Cotton Bowl, won the Cotton Bowl," he said. "I don't know what Mississippi State did. This year we're 5-3, two plays from being (7-1), one quarter from being 8-0. We're not low class. We play hard, play like champions."

He also has a message for us:

"I want everybody from Mississippi on Mississippi State's team to know why I'm at Alabama," he said. "That's 'cause of these fans. I want these fans loud, as loud as possible, and just being in the game, just letting them know how Alabama fans are."

Here's hoping we play like champions Saturday and Johns gets plenty of opportunities to show why he's in Crimson and White.