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Quick Take on the LSU Game

I watched the game from the lovely Inn at Ole Miss Saturday night, and probably drove the Girlfriend insane by constantly yelling "See!  That's what an O-Line is supposed to do!"  

Anyway, a few things I thought about during the game:

  • Shula really wants to keep his job.  The gutsy play calling was nice to see considering we weren't going to be able to match up with LSU without some sort of trickeration involved.  That onside kick was a thing of beauty, which makes me wonder if he's reading this blog...
  • It's good to see that Shula and Rader have finally come to grips with the fact we have no o-line and kept at least one back in to block instead of releasing both to run routes.  When JP had time to set and make his reads, he was deadly.  Let's see more of that this coming Saturday.
  • That being said, why isn't JP in the shotgun more?  Give the pass rush a few extra yards to run and give JP that extra second to make his reads instead of worrying about his three stop drop while trying to find where the pressure is coming from and keeping track of his receivers.
  • I still say Connelly has to go. Both of JPs turnovers were direct results of defenders getting to him too quickly.
  • Darby gets a TD!  And fittingly, it was as a receiver.
  • I hope Capps isn't hurt too bad, but I do hope he lost his job.
  • This defense is better than it's playing.  I want to say it's just youth, but this far into the season they shouldn't be giving up scores on three straight LENGTH OF THE FIELD drives.  And since when did we decide to ignore a QB's mobility?  I've never been so frustrated in my life than when I was watching Russell convert a 3rd and 19 with a QB scramble.  I hope Kines is giving these kids hell all week.
  • Auburn is completely exposed now, so it's time for us to get in Cox's head like UGA did and blow the Iron Bowl wide open.  The offense might not be on our side, but historical probability is.  Roll Tide!