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The Iron Bowl: It's On

While the rest of the college football world will be hopelessly glued to the unusual spectacle of seeing undefeated rivals ranked #1 & #2 duke it out for a trip to the BCS title game (not to mention pondering whether or not they should play again in the title game regardless of the outcome), the roughly 4.5 million residents of Alabama won't be giving a crap about what's going down in Columbus, Ohio at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday since the Iron Bowl kicks off at the same time.

Though there will be very little national interest in the annual grudge match/blood feud, its grip over the state will continue unabated despite the game's newfound irrelevance to the national scene as a result of Auburn getting shellacked by Georgia on Saturday. Alabama's season went completely in the tank two weeks ago after dropping a game at home to Mississippi State (sorry to bring that up again everyone), but a win over the Barn would salvage our season to some degree. First and foremost, we won't have to hear about "the thumb" that we should be fearing. Secondly, it would guarantee a better bowl game and lastly it would also ensure against ending the season with a losing record. Those last two reasons aren't as significant to me since we'll finish in the lower half of the SEC West. I just want to shut Auburn up and have something to smile about regarding this football team this year.

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