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Breaking News?

WJOX is reporting that five trustees have recommended that Shula be fired and Mal Moore is in agreement.  President Witt has the final say, and he has said he will take a few days to consider it.  Let the insane gossip and rumor mongering begin.

This guy I work with said his mother's neighbor said she heard that her cousin saw Joe Paterno looking for a house in Tuscaloosa this afternoon...

Update [2006-11-20 22:25:22 by Todd]: Memphis Tider has Spurrier headed to T-Town with Brother Oliver in tow.

Update [2006-11-20 22:42:21 by Todd]: The new poll concerns whether or not we want Spurrier at the Capstone. I voted no, simply because the preening arrogance of Spurrier doesn't really gibe with Alabama football. I'm just saying.

I sincerely doubt the idea of throwing a visor in disgust ever crossed his mind...