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The Arkansas Game Doesn't Lie

Since Bama's regular season is over, but many other teams still have games to play, let's take a look back at an old post...

If I had a vote for Heisman, he'd get it.

On Sunday, July 9, 2006 I posted a preview of our game against Arkansas. By no means do I pretend to be a pundit with flawless predictions, but I hit the nail on the head with these statements:

"I see the Tide losing a painfully close game."

"I think we drop this game and it will be an insanely frustrating loss."

I never would've imagined the plethora of missed FGs and PATs, but I was on the money with the fact that we blew a winnable game and that it was "insanely frustrating." I don't think that really even begins to describe it in retrospect.

I also mentioned that the outcome of Arkansas game is a pretty good indicator of how Bama's season will go. Here's the updated chart on how Bama's season turns out depending on whether we register a "W" or an "L" against the Hogs.

Win Record -- Loss Record
1992 13-0 -- 1995 8-3
1993 9-3-1 -- 1997 4-7
1994 12-1 -- 1998 7-5
1996 10-3 -- 2000 3-8
1999 10-3 -- 2003 4-9
2001 7-5 -- 2004 6-6
2002 10-3 -- 2006 6-6
2005 10-2 -- -- --

The above chart doesn't take into account the fact that we'll likely go to a fourth tier bowl and get smacked around by a team that's not a traditional power.