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A Quick Rant

Am I the only one that is completely pissed off by the whole "the lofty, some would say unreasonable, expectations of Bama fans" bit that keeps getting thrown around?  Give me a break.  We're not talking about the Akron Zips here, this is Alabama!  Programs like Bama, Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Michigan, Texas, and etc., that have a long and proud tradition of winning should NEVER be excoriated for expecting their coaching hires to produce consistently.  Yeah, Bear Bryant is dead!  I know!  There's no way to forget SINCE IT'S THROWN AT US BY EVERY IDIOT THAT COMES ALONG!  But just because he's dead doesn't mean that Alabama died with him!  Alabama was a proud and powerful program before him, and if I'm not mistaken there's a statue of Gene Stallings outside Bryant-Denny, and last I checked GENE STALLINGS COACHED AFTER BRYANT'S DEATH!  Don't tell me that we should be settling for mediocrity!  That's fine for you bums, but this is Alabama!  Shut UP!