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Random Musings on the Shula Ouster

I've said plenty of times that I think Shula deserves one more year IF he's willing to shake up his staff and bring in some assistants to bring this offense out of the mid 80s.  From what I'm hearing on WJOX, his biggest idea was to move Ungerer to the O-Line and let Rader call the plays.  If that's the case, then I think Moore and Witt made the right call.

Everyone I know wanted Shula to succeed at Bama, and I think the biggest reason was because we all wanted to see an Alabama guy grow old in the position instead of dealing with the coaching carousel and getting burned by hired guns again.  With that in mind, I really hope we don't hire a Spurrier or Saban. I know we are all thirsty for some wins, but I'd rather get a guy like Grobe or Johnson that will build the program rather than someone who will come in, splash a little snake oil on the problem, and then walk away after two or three years.

Am I the only one that remembers this guy?

While I'm glad that Moore and Witt finally pulled the trigger, I hate the way it happened.  I said before that it would stink to have to spend the Thanksgiving holidays wondering if you'll have a job next week, and letting it all hang in the air for so long damages the image of the university.  Plus, why did they let him hold a team meeting thinking he still had a job?  I think the players deserved to know as soon as possible.

I hope whoever comes in keeps the defensive staff as intact as possible.