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Roll Bama Roll Mailbag (and some housekeeping...)

You'll notice on the right hand side of the page under the "Menu" heading that you can email Todd & I here at if you have any comments or questions. We enjoy getting emails from you all as well as reading your comments and your diaries.  

We got an email a few days ago from CL, who had this to say:

Hey it's time for Mal Moore to go. I would like to see you work as hard to get rid of Mal as you did Shula.  Let's clean house and bring in a new AD and coach.  Mal has had about five cracks at this and failed every time.  He needs to go.  It is criminal to believe they don't have someone already lined up to replace Shula.

CL, I couldn't agree more. I believe it's time for Mal Moore to go too. Though I believe it was time for Shula to go, I lay the majority of the responsibility of the shape the football program's in at the feet of Moore, whose job it is to oversee the hiring of qualified coaches. While Moore was a great on the field coach and did a bang up job of upgrading the athletic facilities on campus, he has done a poor job of hiring football coaches. I would like to see Gene Stallings or Ozzie Newsome get a crack at running things at the Capstone and I think either would do much better than the current regime.

For the record, I don't think it's criminal that they don't already have a replacement lined up at head coach. Jumping the gun and making quick hires has bitten us too many times in the past. Hopefully they'll take a bit of time with this hire.

We've also gotten a few emails over the past day or two saying that the site's RSS feed isn't working and I've forwarded that to our technical support and hopefully we'll have an answer for you shortly.

Lastly, I'd like to publicly admonish Todd for representing me with a picture of Kid Rock in our recent McLaughlin Group roundtable discussion. I'm offended by the depiction for several reasons:

1. I don't like Kid Rock's music (though I did enjoy his duet with the late, great bluesman R.L. Burnside.)

If going with a musician, I would've preferred someone like longtime favorite Trey Anastasio:

or one of my new favorites, Jose Gonzalez:

Not because I look like either one of them (though I have pretty much the same haircut as Jose Gonzalez), but because that's more my vibe.

  1. A duo of Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. representing us just adds fuel to the fire that all Alabama fans are rednecks.
  2. Pamela Anderson isn't my kind of woman.