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A BCS Nightmare Scenario I'd Like to See

With #5 Louisville's win over #3 West Virginia last night, a BCS nightmare is all but ensured.  Most think a bevy of quality one loss teams vying for an appearance in the title game will be the best scenario for change in the system, but last night's upset has setup another interesting possibility; Ohio State and Michigan playing for the title twice. Hear me out:

As of yesterday the BCS rankings looked like this:

  1. Ohio State .9864
  2. Michigan .9697
  3. West Virginia .7862
  4. Florida .7791
  5. Louisville .7621
  6. Auburn .7589
  7. Texas .7562
  8. USC .7152
  9. Notre Dame .7151
  10. Cal .7133
There's a huge leap from the #3 spot to the #2 spot currently occupied by Michigan.  It would take a huge upset this month for either tOSU or Michigan to drop from their lofty perchs (the remaining teams on their schedules are Illinois, Ball State, Indiana, and Northwestern) so let's just assume that both teams continue to go about their business until they meet on 9/18.  Let's also assume that Louisville remains undefeated and Florida runs the table making them the #3 and #4 teams in the rankings.  Come 9/18 when tOSU and Michigan meet, let's assume that Michigan guts out a wins and tOSU plays such a spectacular game that they only drop to #2.  With the points disparity between the #3 ranking and #2 ranking it wouldn't be impossible for neither UF or Louisville (or whoever reachs #3) to jump tOSU no matter how they finish the season, and suddenly there's a rematch in the title game.  To put the icing on the cake, let's say tOSU wins the title game, giving a one loss team the MNC while an undefeated Louisville sits at #2 and several other quality one loss teams fill out the rest of the top five.  Thoughts?