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Thursday Afternoon Links and Such

Memphis Tider thinks the job has been Spurrier's for the taking since 9/30, but that if he gets cold feet Rodriguez is the man on Sunday.

Paul Westerdawg brings us word that UGA O-lineman Ian Smith is at it again, but this time at a far more dangerous clip.

The North End Zone breaks down the bowls and what it says about your team for appearing in them, so you don't have to.

Stinking NATO panel discussions, always keeping loyal alumns out of the loop...

While it's been both a sucky and highly amusing week to be a Bama fan, let's not forget our friends to the west, where it's just plain sucky.

Via SI on Campus, a parrot singing Yea Alabama:

Doesn't he sound like the freaky midget from Twin Peaks?

Got $20 just laying around, taking up space?  Give it to Harper.  It will likely cost him his sanity.