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Spurrier Rumors

I'm on record everywhere saying that I doubt any and all reports that Spurrier will ever be the head coach at Alabama and therefor haven't paid much attention to it out here on the front page, but since the rumors simply won't die, here's your Spurrier linkage for today.

The Birmingham News is reporting that multiple sources claim Spurrier will not be taking the job.  Of course, anything the Birmingham News has to say is suspect at this point...

The Mobile Press-Register reports that AD Moore has requested permission to talk to Spurrier, and that Spurrier has not received a formal offer.

South Carolina blog Cock 'n Fire believes Bama is coming after Spurrier hard, but that he is possibly playing this to his advantage in contract negotiations with SC and isn't inclined to leave.

Memphis Tider points us to Montgomery's WAKA, where it's being reported that Spurrier has received an offer and will be meeting with Moore today.

Tide Sports reports that Moore has "No Deadline" for hiring a coach. Christopher Walsh also claims that all the reports of "imminent press conferences" are news to him.

Run Up the Score gets in on the action, reporting that the chain of command is the sticking point that's keeping Spurrier at SC.