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Some Choice Quotes

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"They got a lot of pressure, especially from the right side," Shula said. "That's not all on the offensive line. Sometimes, the ball has to come out faster. Sometimes with a young quarterback, he wants to wait to throw downfield instead of taking what's underneath. But that's on the coaches, too. We can call plays for that. We are not going to panic. We just have to stay positive this week."

- Mike Shula, on the constant pressure MSU had on JP.

I like how he initially blames JP for not getting the ball off quicker.  When the defense can get the kind of pressure on us that it does by rushing four, it's damn near impossible to find an open man with 7 defenders in coverage, let alone do it while scrambling.  But at least he's acknowledging that the right side of the line (Chris Capps) is a problem, and that the playcalling isn't reflecting the reality of the game on the field.

"We have to do all the things on game day that we're capable of doing, and we're not getting it done right now."

"We'll continue to talk about that as we go through our preparations today," he said. "I don't think there would be any major things."

- Mike Shula, on how he plans to rebound for LSU.

Hasn't this staff "continued to talk" to the team about playing up to their potential all season long?  Fat lot of good that's done.  It's time for some major changes, not just tweaks and "looking real hard at the personnel."  Look in the fucking mirror, Mike, and bring your staff with you when you do.

Maybe we should all order one of these and send them to the coaching staff...

"We'll look if we need to cut back (the playbook) because we're younger. I'd hate to do that but if it makes us better, then we'll do that."

- Mike Shula, on revising the offensive attack.

Wait, we have a playbook to cut back?  As far as I've been able to tell we have six plays:

  1. Off tackle draw
  2. Off tackle run
  3. End Around
  4. JP scrambles and slides
  5. JP scrambles and throws the ball away
  6. JP gets sacked
Maybe if we cut out the last two....

Besides penalty yards, our most effective play:  The JP Slide