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New Poll

While still in the midst of outright despair over the MSU loss, I can honestly imagine this offense not putting together another touchdown drive this season. The defense might score a TD, Arenas might score a TD, and the offense might even score one if the defense gives them the ball on the two (though that's nowhere near a sure bet), but as for driving the length of the field and getting into the end zone?  I just don't think we can do it.  Now here's the question:  If we fall against LSU, AU, and if we get a bowl bid (it's not a certainty if we wind up 6-6 and the SEC doesn't get two teams in the BCS) and drop that one, will it be worth it so long as the current offensive staff finds pink slips in their lockers after the last game?  Or do you want to see us at least beat Auburn even if it means another year under the current regime and finishing 4th in the division again?  Sadly, I'm going with "beat Auburn," 'cause as awful as this feeling is, watching them walk around with five fingers in the air for a year might seriously cause my head to explode somewhere around mid February.

Hey Auburn...fear the middle finger!