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Tuesday Links and Such

Asked if he and his teammates still believe in Shula and his staff, fullback and senior statesman Tim Castille said, "We have to. We don't have a choice right now. We have to do whatever they ask us to do or it could get really bad. And if we don't execute, we'll be in trouble either way."

-Tim Castille

It sucks when your team's players are expressing faith in the staff with words like "we have to" and "we don't have a choice."

Memphis Tider has a few choice posts up from the last few days, including 3 Questions with Cecil Hurt, Ray Melick, and Mitch Dobbs, more numbers on the terriblicity of the O-Line (I know "terriblicity" isn't a word, but actual words cannot describe my disgust with their performance), and a transcript of Dobbs's sit down with Rader after Saturday's fiasco against MSU.

So much for the notion of Cal being full of "gentle hippies."

Burnt Orange Nation explains the banner at the top of the page, so I don't have to.

When the "in bed" fortune cookie joke just isn't right...