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A Cursory Glance at LSU

If they start this guy at QB, we'll have a shot.

So there isn't much to say about LSU other than they are flat out the best team we are going to play this season.  Their 7-2 (3-2) mark belies their standings in the conference in pretty much every meaningful category:

On Offense:
Scoring - 1st
Passing - 2nd
Rushing - 2nd
Total - 1st

On Defense:
Scoring - 1st
Passing - 1st
Rushing - 2nd
Total - 1st

Look for all those "2nd" rankings to get a bump this weekend.

Key Players for LSU:

QB JaMarcus Russell leads the SEC and is fifth in the country in passing efficiency (168.4).  He's 159 of 229 (69.4%) for 2,157 yards and 18 TDs (7 picks).

WR Dwayne Bowe is 20th in the country in receiving yards (709) and 21st receiving yards per game (78.7). He's tied for second in the SEC in scoring with eight touchdowns, is fifth in the conference in receiving yards per game, and is ranked seventh in receptions per game at 4.78.  His 709 yards in receptions and 8 TDs leads the team.

Nicole wanted to do some smack talk with us this week since LSU is one of the 472,684 teams she actively pulls for, but it just wasn't in me to talk trash about a team that's so statistically superior to our own. I mean, what was I going to say, "Our offense will appear so inept that Bo Pellini will wet his pants from laughing so hard midway through the second quarter!"?


So if you guys have some smack for her, drop them in the comments. Otherwise, let's just pretend this is our first night in the prison showers and go to a happy place 'til Monday.