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Rodriguez Rumors Gaining Momentum

Memphis Tider is dropping Bob Stoops's name as a new possible candidate, but also seems to be on the same page with most everyone else that Rodriguez is Bama bound.  Fire Shula Now has some links and rumors on Rodriguez, including this article from West Virginia Metro News (which was apparently repudiated by Forde on Finebaum today), another report from The State Journal, and word of an alleged mandatory team meeting Sunday morning.  If it is R-Rod they can certainly crow about this:  

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: We believe the news of a new head football coach will not come from Tuscaloosa. News of a coach coming to Tuscaloosa most likely will break from a reliable media source in another state. The reason? If Alabama goes after an established head football coach, then the competent media covering the program will pick up the scent of a story and report it. If the University decides on a coach, then word could leak from the incumbent coaches camp prior to an official announcement on Shula's status from the University. This is only an analysis, but based on the attention most football programs are under, it is increasingly difficult to keep matters a secret for extended periods of time.

Let's hope he's right. West Virginia takes on Rutgers Saturday night, and I'm sure there will be plenty of Crimson Tide fans tuning in.