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Breaking News: Mike Shula Named New Head Coach

New head coach Mike Shula is presented to the press by Mal Moore

Tuscaloosa, AL - Just five days after informing head coach Mike Shula that his services would no longer be required, the University of Alabama has named Mike Shula as the new head coach of the Crimson Tide.  Ending a week's worth of speculation, AD Mal Moore addressed the media this morning to inform them of the hire.

"We've said all along that our search would focus on coaches with proven track records of winning, and I feel like we've made the best possible hire.  Coach Shula has had plenty of experience in the pro-ranks, and was recently the head coach of Alabama.  He left a historic and proud program like Alabama with a winning record and his team is headed for it's third straight bowl game."

Rumors had swirled all week long about who the next head man in Tuscaloosa would be, with names like Spurrier, Rodriguez, and Petrino being mentioned.  Not previously considered a candidate, Shula was quite a shock to many, and opinions around town are varied at best.

"I'm glad we snapped him up," said Willie Jenkins, a long time resident of Tuscaloosa and fan of the Crimson Tide. "Alabama should have never let that boy get away, but their loss is our gain."  Others were not so happy.  

"Are you kidding me?  We just fired a coach because his offenses were terrible and now we come back to the guy that ran Alabama's offense into the ground," complained university student Michael Ransard.  " We'd have been better off letting Mike Shula stay and hiring a new OC."

Blogs and message boards are abuzz about the hire, with many expressing shock that they didn't see this coming.  A post on the Tider Insider website from user TidePhan420 read:

"We should've known Shula was coming here all along.  He and wife Shari have been spotted around town numerous times."

Reached for comment, Shula had this to say:

"I am obviously excited about this job," Shula said. "There is a bright future ahead for Alabama, especially with the new facilities and the talent left by former head coach Mike Shula."

It is not known whether Shula will keep Shula's staff intact, or bring his staff with him from Alabama.