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Alabama 92, Alabama State 58

Richard Hendrix (photo:

As expected, Alabama (8-1) rebounds from the Notre Dame loss to smash Alabama State 92-58. The Tide were without stars Ronald Steele (ankle sprain) and Jermareo Davidson. Davidson withdrew from fall classes and must sitout the remainder of the semester. He should be reinstated once exams are over.

In the absence of the Tide's two biggest stars, Richard Hendrix stepped up and scored a career high 34 points and also grabbed 10 rebounds for a double-double.

Hendrix had this to say about his performance:

"I feel without Ron and Jermareo I have to be more assertive on the offensive end. Tonight, when I got the ball I felt like I could score.  That's all I did.  Also, I was looking for my teammates.  We all just did a great job overall.

I felt like I was just in a groove. My teammates were feeding the ball inside to me.  I was going through all the motions like I normally do. I wasn't really looking to score a lot of points or getting a specific number tonight."

I really hope Steele can get over his injuries quickly. Otherwise, the season probably won't live up to expectations. Alabama's next game is against Southern Miss in Mobile on Saturday. Davidson is expected to play in that game.

AP story here.