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We don't like to have to make posts like this, but both of us feel it's a necessity at the moment.

There have been a few things that have recently popped up in the diaries section and in the comments section of various posts that have either been borderline inappropriate or just flat out wrong.

We're extremely anti-censorship and want people to be able to express themselves, but we are not going to let a website that we spend this much time on become a forum for trolling, personal attacks and hurling epithets.

We've never wanted to post "rules" before, but there are a few groundrules here at Roll Bama Roll:

  1. While this is primarily a forum for Bama fans, everyone is welcome. Yes, even Auburn and Tennessee fans. Trolling, however, will not be tolerated (even if you're a Bama fan.) Let's all be adults here and not get involved in flame wars.  Trolls live to see you get angry, and responding only encourages that behavior and makes you (and the rest of us) look like idiots.  It sounds cheesey, but you are representing Alabama and it's fan base when you post here, so let's try to keep our image as intact as possible.
  2. No personal attacks. Anything that we feel crosses the line will be deleted immediately.  We can't police this site 24/7, so you all need to help us. If someone posts something inflammatory or offensive and we haven't deleted it yet, just ignore it and walk away.
  3. Inflammatory language. We're not going to put up with anything that might possibly be labeled hate speech. That includes saying antagonistic things about someone's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. None of us want to be around that in our personal lives, and we don't want to be around it in our internet lives. Any user that is routinely deleted/edited for inappropriate remarks in the comments and diaries will be banned from the site.
  4. Let's watch our language.  I (Todd) feel a little hypocritical saying that since I curse like the abandoned love child produced by a drunken sailor and a lumberjack in real life, but we try to keep things at least PG rated around here and would appreciate it if you guys could curb the gratuitious profanity a little.
We're both sorry a post like this is necessary, but neither of us wants to see people turned off by the site or provide fuel for people who want to portray Alabama fans as a group of unreasonable redneck trash.  One of the reasons we both love doing this blog so much is the sense of community it fosters among the bloggers we share links and stories with and the readers that post comments and diaries, and neither one of us wants to see that get screwed up.