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No news is good news...or something

All is quiet on the western Alabama front...or so the newspapers say.

Saban once again denies interest despite recent reports that he may want the job:

"I in no way wanted to indicate to him or anybody else that there was any possibility of that. I have no intentions of going anywhere..."

I know coaches blow smoke all the time, but I really think Saban means what he is saying. According to the story though:

Despite another denial of interest Monday, Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban remains at the top of the Crimson Tide's wish list for a new head football coach, one source close to the search said Monday.

Raise your hand if you're sick of unnamed sources as far as this story is concerned.

It's unanimous

Albert Einstein would like to chime in on the continuing pursuit of Saban.


For those of you that have your hopes up about Gene Stallings comments on Friday's Paul Finebaum show, it's not happening.

Stallings said Sunday night that he was misunderstood if listeners to an interview he did with a statewide radio show Friday thought he wanted to return. Stallings said that he felt he was "qualified" to coach the Tide again, but had no interest in doing so.

"I said I was qualified to coach the team. As far as saying I was interested, that was not the case," he said.


I don't have a subscription to so I don't know what the whole story says, but from the teaser blurb, it looks like some Bama verbal commits are getting cold feet.

These coaching searches are so exhausting. I can't wait until it's settled and we can talk about who it is rather than who it might be.