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What Day Is This? AM Links and Such

Last night I dreamt we had an arch-rival blog (something like that we had to team up with for some reason.  I think a fire was involved.

We've made a coaching hire, and man is it sexy.  Except the new sports information director.  Someone get that girl a sandwich.

Get it?!

Someone's having fun with Craigslist at our expense.

Remember the South Park character generator thing that was all the rage awhile back?  Someone used it to make cartoons of all the SEC coaches.  It's amazing how well they captured the perplexed look on Shula's face...

Corn Nation asks the hard questions about the NCAA and post-season play.  It's quite informative, so go read it.

Apparently Jim Mora is freaky like that:

So we learned the three people Falcons coach Jim Mora would like to have dinner with are his wife, Shannon, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba.

Any excuse...