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Seeking Bama Fans Abroad

Back in August, we started a feature called "Bama Fans Abroad," a series of feature stories about being a fan of the Tide in a foreign land. The series kicked off with a gentleman living in Saudi Arabia.

I had a computer file with a list of contacts of folks that were interested in being featured in BAMA FANS ABROAD and the file has corrupted and I've lost the email addresses/contact info.

One recent contact was in Belgium and there were others in Spain, Ireland and Kazakhstan. If you are one of these people, please contact me via email again at

We also want to get in contact with others as well. If you're a Bama fan living in another country and want to featured here, send us an email. We're interested in talking to you whether you're civilian, military or a student. If you know a Bama fan living abroad, have them contact us.