Do we really even need a head coach?

At this point... it doesn't look like we are going to find a good replacement for Shula, and with Mal leading the search who knows what we could end up with...  So lets just do away with that position all together.

If we can maintain good offensive and defensive coordinators, I think we could really pull this one off.  Coaches like DuBose didnt' ever do anything but constantly clap and he won 10 games... we would have still won those 10 games if he hadn't made the trip!

Stallings may not want to coach anymore... but we could fly him in for a motivational pre-game speach or something each week before the game.

We have always been light years ahead of every other program in the country... and I think we have now officially evolved beyond the point of needing a head coach.  One day Head Coaches will be like leather helmets, a thing of the past, and once again we will have led the revolution

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