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Ever presumptuous, Finebaum interviewed Coach Bryant, about the process.  Because I'm sure Coach Bryant would give Finebaum the time of day...

The Birmingham News is naming names:

Consultant Chuck Neinas is crafting a plan for the University of Alabama's vacant head football coaching position in case Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban says no, according to sources.

Saban remains atop Alabama's wish list despite several denials.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday that Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett received a call from a party representing Alabama and he said he was not interested.

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden and Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Todd Grantham have received calls from Neinas, an industry source said. Grantham did not respond to an interview request, and Bowden told The (Charleston, S.C) Post and Courier he is not interested.

Neinas has consulted in searches at Miami, North Carolina State and Boston College, among others. He spoke with representatives of Tulsa's Steve Kragthorpe, Wisconsin's Brett Bielema and Arizona's Mike Stoops for at least one of those openings.

Alabama's interest in those candidates is not clear.

Can we please stop with Saban?  If Mal Moore is foolish enough to waste the rest of December waiting on Saban to say no and causes Alabama to miss out on a qualified coach that might not have as sexy of a name (and really folks, there's NOTHING sexy about the name Kragthorpe) or profile, I just don't even know what to say.  Other idiot names mentioned:

Jim Haslett:  Why would we be talking to a defensive coach?

Tommy Bowden:  Good job at Tulane, was about to get R-U-N-N-O-F-T from Clemson not too long ago, and still hasn't taken that program near it's potential.

Todd Grantham:  Again, defensive coach?

Brett Bielema:  This isn't idiotic because I wouldn't want him, but idiotic because giving up the Wisconsin job after the season he just had would be the stupidest thing he could do, and if he's that poor of a decision maker, then we don't need him.

Names I like:  Obviously Kragthorpe, and I like hearing Mike Stoops's name mentioned again.  This is the guy that reportedly would have walked to Tuscaloosa from Norman for the job but we went with Shula instead.  He's done a great job turning Arizona around, but I don't think the job is finished and he seems like the type that wouldn't walk away just yet.

The Press-Register is getting in on the fun, too:

This is not a list of candidates Alabama is considering, but is a collection of coaches who may have the qualifications to succeed in the job and would almost certainly accept the position.

Steve Kragthorpe, Tulsa

Mike Leach, Texas Tech

Chris Hatcher, Valdosta State

Jimbo Fisher, LSU

David Cutcliffe, Tennessee

Chuck Long, San Diego State

Bo Pelini, LSU

Go read the article, it breaks down the qualifications of each candidate, why it could happen, why it probably won't happen, and "The Skinny."

The Tuscaloosa News takes a look at the financial aspects.

Finally, Chalkdust has a unique proposal of his own, one with some merit, I might add.

If we're going to hire a figure head coach, I know just the figure...