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Shaun Alexander: Chess Enthusiast

A man of many talents

Shaun Alexander is the latest in a growing line of unlikely celebrity chess enthusiasts. Shaun began playing the game in junior high and was recently named to the board of America's Foundation for Chess.  He extolls the values that children can learn from chess:

"Chess teaches them to think ahead three or four moves. It teaches them to have a vision. They learn to say to themselves, 'If I make this move, this will happen.' Those are things kids don't get on their own."

Shaun joins the ranks of Phish, who played chess against the audience on the Fall 1995 tour.

Supermodels and football players love chess too!

Another unlikely chess enthusiast is Estonian supermodel Carmen Kass, who once served as president of the Estonian Chess Foundation.

Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie also became enamored with the game on the set of Revolver recently.

Update [2006-12-15 14:45:5 by Nico]:

RBR reader Jason emailed us to let us know that Guy Ritchie was into chess at least by the filming of Snatch and it was probably more around the time of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

Yeah, it's been a slow week for Alabama sports....