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Emerald Bowl Preview


Full name: The Emerald Bowl

Match up: Pac 10  vs ACC

Teams: UCLA vs Florida State

Location: San Fransisco, CA

Date/Time: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 - 7:00 p.m. (central) on ESPN

Venue: AT&T Park

Years in existence: This is the fifth playing of the Emerald Bowl

Per Team Payout: $850,000


At 6-6, Florida State barely snuck into bowl contention with wins over Miami, Troy, Rice, Duke, Virginia, and Western Michigan.  It's a sad day for college football when, of that list, the best two wins are Troy and Rice.  With the possible exception of Miami (which had to beat a 1-AA team to get to bowl contention), I would almost say this is the worst BCS team playing in a bowl this year.  Anyway, UCLA is riding a three game win streak including a thriller over hated rival (and then #2) USC to end the regular season.  The Bruins learned to play defense this season, though they've lost a lot of that "explosive" offense from last year.  Still, as stout as the FSU defense is, if the Bruins can just score a little, that should be enough to outgain the FSU offense which is about as craptacular as our own.

Nico: UCLA's season was made when they beat USC in their last regular season
game. Sure, they want to win this one, but to some extent, the result
is inconsequential since they got that monkey off of their back. I've
always disliked Florida State for some reason, so go Bruins (despite
knocking us out of the NCAA tourney last year and beating us twice in
football recently.)

Irrational Bama Fan: SEC RULZ PAC10 DRULZ!!!!!!!1111 Go 'noles!