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Sunday Afternoon Links and Such

It's been pretty slow as far as the coaching search goes this past week.  Saban is still the big name being tossed around, but anything being written in blogs are said on the radio is probably just rumor and conjecture at the moment.  Elsewhere:

Hack Runs the YouTubery Down.

I know, I know, it's a bunch of white guys doing Miles, but I couldn't find a video of the real thing. Sue me.

It's a banner day for coaches associated with Georgia.  UAB ends their own scandalous coaching search and hires UGA OC/O-line coach Neil Callaway.  Meanwhile, Derek Dooley, son of former UGA HC Vince Dooley, is leaving his position with the Miami Dolphins to take over at La. Tech.

John Murphy at Yahoo! Sports spins some Cautionary Draft Tales.  Fortunately I don't see any Tide underclassmen on that list.

Stuff Magazine lists the 10 Greatest Sports Video Games of All Time.  Warning, profanity and crude references.

UMass students rioted after the Minutemen lost to Appy State Saturday in the D1 Championship Subdivision title game.  And you thought burning stuff was a West Virginia thing.

Amherst or Morgantown?  You decide!

Dear Jessica,
No you don't.


Looks good to me