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Roll Bama Roll Q&A with Maegan Bailey

Maegan Bailey, one half of the "Bama twins" was kind enough to answer a few questions for RBR via email recently. She talks to us about being recognized in public, meeting famous people and about their parents being Auburn fans.

Roll Bama Roll: You two appear on the intro to ESPN's Gameday, one of the most popular college football shows in existence. I imagine it doesn't get much better than that as a football fan?

Maegan Bailey: Yes, it is great seeing our pic pop up occasionally on ESPN, but it's always great to see the Tide represented on national television - whether it's us or someone else.

RBR: Since you both go to UAB, how do you land such great seats at Bama games?

MB: We have student tickets - it's not very hard to get those.

RBR: Is the rumor true that your parents are Auburn fans? If so, is being Bama fans the ultimate rebellion for y'all?

MB:Yes, our parents are Auburn fans. Haha- They don't mind too much as long as Auburn beats us.

RBR: Do y'all get recognized in your day to day lives without the houndstooth hats on? If so, any crazy stories?

MB: Yes we do. No super crazy stories but we do constantly have people coming up to us asking if we are the Bama twins. We have had a few coaching offers lately - haha.

RBR: Who is the most famous person you've met since you've become renowned superfans?

MB: We met a lot of famous people at the Southern Sports Awards including Chipper Jones, Evander Holyfield, and Chris Daughtery from American Idol.

RBR: Do you also cheer for UAB since you go there?

MB: Yes, we still support UAB athletics. As long as they are not playing eachother it doesn't hurt to still "pull" for UAB.

RBR: Will we see you on TV in Shreveport for the Independence Bowl?

MB: Hopefully! Roll Tide!