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Tuesday Links and Such

With Barnes out for knee surgery and McElroy unprepared to step in, Jimmy Johns is now the #2 QB behind JP for the Independence Bowl.

Fire Shula Now, having apparently lost his mind, has been reading the message boards and has a few things to say about it.

The Mayor is considering wrapping cherry pie in bacon.  Now everyone else that reads it is, too.

The Orgeron continues to live up to his great recruiter reputation by "nabbing" another QB transfer.  At least this time the QB in question will have some time to get to know his teammates and learn the offense before taking over as starter.

Brent Schaeffer, seen here against Memphis, first arrived on campus 37 minutes before the game.

Oregon will be sporting new helmets on Friday as they face off against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl:

The new helmet design has a unique paint job that changes color depending on the angle of the viewer and the lighting at the time and features silver flames below the paint fleck, much like a pimped-out El Camino.
According to reports, the new helmets will be paired with Oregon's notorious lightning yellow jerseys and lightning yellow pants, a combination that will be a signficant set back to high-def tv sales nationwide.

Corn Nation and Burnt Orange Nation are both getting in on the Poinsettia Bowl love fest.