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Holiday Bowl Preview


Full name: Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
Match up: Pac 10 vs Big 12
Teams: Cal vs Texas A & M
Location: San Diego, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, December 28, 2006 - 7:00 p.m. (central) on ESPN
Venue: Qualcomm Stadium
Years in existence: This is the 29th playing of the Holiday Bowl
Per Team Payout: $2,130,000


Ah, the Holiday Bowl, where Pac 10 teams go to die.  Cal already tasted bitter defeat two seasons ago after losing to a Texas Tech team it felt it shouldn't have to lower itself to face, and should probably be looking at this as a way to redeem itself.  At 9-3 (7-2) the Golden Bears are second in the Pac 10 and have some solid wins under their belt.  A&M, also at 9-3 (5-3), is coming off of a huge upset win over the hated Longhorns, but I'm fairly certain that can be written off as a fluke considering Texas QB Colt McCoy was nowhere close to 100% the entire game.  Other than the UT win, A&M can hang it's hat on their defeat of then hot Missouri and one point losses to OU and Nebraska.  Cal looks like the team to beat here, so I'm going against history and picking the Golden Bears.

I've renamed this one the "Nico Hatefest Bowl." It's obvious why I want Texas A&M to lose. The Franchione schadenfreude factor is always high. My Cal hatred, however, is a bit more peculiar. I've held a seething disdain for the Golden Bears ever since the Aaron Rodgers pity party after Cal didn't get a BCS bowl bid a few years back. I laughed when they got hosed by Texas Tech in their bowl game that year and I continue to laugh at them eventhough they have a better record than us. Plus in the immortal words of Todd: "SEC RULZ!!!11 PAC10 ISTEH SUX!!!1" The only acceptable outcome of this one is if both teams somehow defy the rules of the game and both lose.

Irrational Bama Fan: Let's we hate the Pac 10 (TOTALLY SUX EVER HERE OF DFENSE!!!LOL!!!!!11) or Fran more? Hmmm....I think we're going with FRAN IS A LOOSER!!!!!  GO BEARS!!!@!1