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Some Independence Bowl Help Please + 2 tickets for sale

So, I'm headed to the Independence Bowl. While it won't be the first bowl game I've ever been to (I've also been to the Capital One Bowl and the now defunct All American Bowl), it will be the first time I've ever seen Bama in a bowl game. I was living in the city of the other two bowls I've been to, so this is my first travelling to a bowl game experience.

I was expecting a bit of price hike on the hotel rooms, but what in the name of Zeus is going on in Shreveport? This must be the only weekend people ever come to that town. The lowest quote I've found so far is $180 a night! That wouldn't be bad split four ways, but two of the people originally planning on going have bailed and now there's just two of us. I wasn't planning on dropping around $300 for my share of the room.

So, where are you all staying? Please leave hotel names and phone numbers in the comments section.

Additionally, it looks like we have two extra tickets now for the game. They're good seats. They are in Section 203 and were purchased through the Alabama ticket office. Face value is $40. Click here for a stadium map to see where the seats are.