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Bama vs NC State Open Thread


Like I've said before, I know frightfully little about basketball, so I'm not going to even attempt anything like an in depth preview.  What I can tell you is that the Wolfpack (7-2) come into this game riding a seven game home win streak (their two losses were on the road against a 6-2 Virginia and an 8-1 West Virginia.), while the Tide, sitting at 9-1, also tasted defeat on the road at South Bend earlier this month.  This should be a good final road test for Bama before conference play starts at Arkansas on January 6th.  The game starts at 5:30 (CST) and you can listen in on 99.5 if you're in the Birmingham area.  The comments are, as always, open for any commentary you guys might want to add before, during, or after the game.  Roll Tide!

Update [2006-12-20 17:57:46 by Nico]:

You can also watch the game on FSN. If the laptop is up to speed, I think I might do some live blogging.

Update [2006-12-20 19:16:33 by Todd]:

Well I'm the bonehead that just listened to the entire first half on the radio then. Anyway, the Tide is up 39-27 at the half and are looking (well, sounding) sharp.