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Breaking News: Todd Decides to Take the Uchikoshi Challenge...

...and hibernate until the coaching search is over:

"To be honest, I've just had it with the Saban this and Gruden that.  It's close to Christmas and there aren't any really good bowl games 'til next week, so I figured why not?" said the co-author of the popular and influential Bama blog Roll Bama Roll.  "If that Japanese guy can do it on the side of a mountain, I certainly can do it in a nice warm bed."

When asked for comment, blog co-author Nico had this to say:

"Todd is probably the laziest guy I know.  If anyone has a chance at doing it, it would be him.  Probably his greatest challenge will be going that long without playing NCAA 2007."

No word yet as to how he plans on updating the blog during the hibernation period, but a source close to the blogger that wished to remain anonymous indicated that most of Todd's best posts were actually constructed in a fugue state that many observers mistook for sleep.

Todd just before posting the Papa Smurf entry.