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Liberty Bowl Preview


Full name: Auto Zone Liberty Bowl

Match up: C-USA #1  vs SEC

Teams: Houston vs South Carolina

Location: Memphis, TN

Date/Time: Friday, December 29, 2006 - 3:30 p.m. (CST) on ESPN

Venue: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

Years in existence: This is the 47th playing of the Liberty Bowl

Per Team Payout: $1,500,000


Houston is 10-3 and riding a six game win streak, and SC is 7-5 and has only one quality win (at Clemson).  Houston looks like the better team, but something tells me that Spurrier will outcoach Briles for the win.  I'm going with the 'Cocks.

Well, the SEC homer in me is tempted to cheer on Carolina, but the Bama homer in me knows that we're playing Houston next year and that it'll look better for us if they beat SC and then we hand Houston their head.

Irrational Bama Fan:
Bama is 9-0 against Houston and 10-3 against SC, plus HATE SPURRIER.  So go Cougars.